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Matthew Owen Barry


Matthew received his Master of Fine Arts in Scenic Design from the North Carolina School of the Arts.  The primary job being to set the scene and define the “picture." Welcome to the world of this story.

As a youngster, he spent a fair amount of time in the woods. His father would take him to nature preserves in search of birds with a pair of binoculars around his neck. Later, the binoculars turned into a camera, to capture nature and natural scenes on film.


At one point in his life, his love of nature drew him to the words and endeavors of John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt's attempts to preserve the natural world around us. This was followed by an introduction to the Adirondack region of New York State (with special thanks to his sister and brother-in-law). This enchanted land drew his two loves together. A hardy respect and passion for our natural world and a call to capture the splendor and drama of its story. Keeping in mind the masters of the Art world, he set out on this new creative journey. The mise en scéne of the nature photo was born.  

The natural next step was to bring in the human element of Natures story, which brings us to today, where he is working with portraits and other avenues of photography, using his dramatic experience to enhance this work.

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